Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{a-town eats: three sheets}

Jesse and I ventured out again recently and checked out Three Sheets, this little tapas bar in Sandy Springs. I love tapas as they are basically just fancy appetizers. When I found this place I knew that we had to check it out. The menu was very appealing and it looked like it had a trendy atmosphere.

In summary:

Atmosphere: For some reason I thought that Three Sheets was a restaurant, but in reality it is more of a social club. We went on a Wednesday night and it wasn’t very busy (although their website suggests they definitely have their share of packed nights). Walking in we saw a very cool piano on one side with candles dripping all over it, a large open dance floor, and lots of private lounge areas with unique lighting and large modern couches. We were sat in a private area in the back where the majority of our lighting came from the tiny tea light on our table (until Jesse blew it out). I wouldn’t say it’s the best choice for a dinner date, but a good pick for an after work meet-up with friends.

Service: When we walked in we were a little confused because we were expecting a restaurant, however someone immediately noticed and helped us find a comfortable spot. Our waitress was nice and came to check on us frequently. It did take awhile to get our check but that didn’t necessarily ruin our experience.

Food: The menu has very good variety and unique options. There didn’t seem to be anything I wasn’t interested in trying. Sometimes places like these tend to over complicate their menus and confuse customers; however Three Sheets kept things pretty simple, listing sauces and basic ingredients for each item. To start we ordered albondigas (filet meatballs) and the trio of french fries which came with ketchup, ranch, and a spicy sriracha aioli for dipping. I was a little disappointed that we only got three meatballs and they weren’t really that big. They tasted pretty good though. There were more than plenty of french fries for the two of us and the dipping sauces complimented them well. There was nothing really special about the fries---they were hot and crispy but that’s about it. I once had a great trio of fries in Sacramento at this place called Cafeteria---BBQ (which tasted just like BBQ chips), Sweet Potato, and Garlic Parmesan---and on top of variety in fries they had three different sauces to compliment them. Now that was a memorable trio.

For our main courses, Jesse got a trio of sliders---BBQ pulled pork, angus, and grilled chicken---and I ordered the grilled cheese w/tomato bisque. We shared of course! Of the sliders, the BBQ pulled pork was my favorite because it had a jalapeno coleslaw that gave it a nice kick. The grilled chicken was a little dry for my tastes, but the angus was pretty good. My grilled cheese was just okay---I was not a fan. It was very dry around the crust and didn’t exactly have the gooey middle I was looking for. The cheese used was applewood smoked cheddar, but I didn’t really get that smoky flavor. Smoked Gouda might’ve been a better choice. The bisque on the other hand was an unexpected surprise. I’m not usually a fan of many things tomato, but I couldn’t get enough of this bisque. It had a very light earthy flavor and was perfect for dipping my grilled cheese in. I consumed every last drop.

We didn’t have any dessert because we were stuffed by the end. They do have a nice selection to accommodate many different palates.       

Moola: All the food prices are very reasonable. You can try many different items without having to break into that piggy bank. If you add in several drinks though, you might want to think of splitting those tapas with friends.  

Additional Notes: The drink selection is extensive. They have their own specialty cocktails and plenty of beers and wines to choose from. I got a glass of the Dreaming Tree cabernet, which complimented my meal well. The drink prices are what you’d expect of a place like this.

They have a specific dress code and it is not exactly casual. It’s a nice place so pull out those dress shoes!

If you check out their website, you’ll notice that they post upcoming music acts as well as foodie events (which are very reasonably priced).

In the end, it was pretty good. We may not return by ourselves but will definitely consider taking some friends there. I’m curious to see what it’s like on a busy night.
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