Thursday, April 19, 2012

{a-town eats: 5 seasons prado}

A few weeks ago Jesse and I had a hot date night and decided to check out 5 Seasons Prado. 5 Seasons is actually a local craft brewery with some pretty excellent brews. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals and have added it to our list of favorite places.

In summary:

{open layout}

{perfect for large parties}

It was raining pretty hard the night we visited, but luckily 5 seasons was so warm inside that we completely forgot about the crummy weather. Despite having such an open layout, the lighting and table placements allow for intimacy amongst smaller parties such as ours. I loved all the wood accents and stone details. I imagine this would be a great place for a private party or rehearsal dinner. They had a few games playing on their smaller screens---yet they stay away from the whole sports bar feel. They also had a large projection screen which implies to me that they might have some big events from time to time.

Service: Our waitress was M.I.A. for most of the night. We had to know everything we wanted every time we saw her as it was likely we wouldn’t see her again for a long while. I have strong feelings about this. I hate when they hover over you and barely let you enjoy your conversation, but I also can’t stand when you never see them at all. I worked in this industry in college and no matter how busy it got, there was always a way to make every table feel taken care of (outside of crazy needy patrons). It didn’t take very long to receive our starters, but the food took awhile. Luckily, it was well worth the wait.


{i will return just for this}

{so good}

{i needed some “mussel” to lift this plate…hehe}

For his main course, Jesse got the Georgia Organic Grass Fed Burger w/Natural Cut Fries & I got Beer Cheese Soup for my starter and Beer Braised PEI Mussels for my entrĂ©e. We both split a Housemade Spent Grain Bread Boule which was very reasonably priced. From the bites I stole, I thought Jesse’s burger was amazing. Those who say they can’t understand the hype about organic meat have never had this burger. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. Jesse thoroughly enjoyed it and reminded me that I did not order it sooo…nananana boo boo. My beer cheese soup was soooo good. It had a nice and smooth texture, with earthy flavors and a surprising kick. I ate every spoonful but resisted licking the bowl (not too ladylike). The mussels were pretty good; not the best I’ve ever had. The portion I received was so hearty I was stuffed before I could finish. They also added bread and corn so it felt more like a meal (despite the fact that it was on the small plates menu). I love when restaurants don’t skimp on portions…it makes me want to go back because I know I won’t have to order ten things off the menu in order to make a full meal. We didn’t order any dessert (I could barely move by the time we got to the end of our meal), but next time we will have to save room. I did try a glass of their cheapest cabernet which was very good, and Jesse got a few of their brews which he thought were rather good.  

Moola: All the food prices are very reasonable. We had a groupon now deal which cut our bill down some. If I ordered everything I wanted off the menu, our final tab may have been a bit ridiculous and Jesse would have had to roll me out of the restaurant. I would say it was in the upper mid-range. The drink prices also fell in the reasonable range. No need to shell out $15 to quench your thirst.

Additional Notes:

{Enjoying my vino}

The drink menu had good variety. I was very pleased with the wine selection.

I think we’ll be back again sooner than later…I now have a craving for the beer cheese soup.

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